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Title: Brexit: The start of the UK will be "irreversible" by Holland
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If the referendum led to the "start" of the United Kingdom to the EU, the Paris judge "irreversible," said Francois Ho...
If the referendum led to the "start" of the United Kingdom to the EU, the Paris judge "irreversible," said Francois Hollande on Wednesday on the eve of the British referendum on the Brexit.
"Irreversible", this is how French President Francois Hollande called Wednesday, June 22 a possible exit from the United Kingdom to the European Union (EU) if they win the Brexit during the British election to be held Thursday, June 23 Demonstrating the same firmness, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, on Wednesday launched "Outside is outside."

"When it's not, it's not, and there is no intermediate status, there would have to draw all the conclusions," he still warned Francois Hollande, speaking at side Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, whose country will as of 1 July the EU's rotating presidency. The Brexit also a "very serious risk" to London no longer have access to the single market, said the head of the French state.

"This is more than the future of the UK in the European Union is at stake then, is the future of the European Union," insisted the French president. For François Hollande, "the start of a country that is geographical, politically, historically in the European Union inevitably would have extremely serious consequences."

Juncker closed the door to new negotiations

On a hard line, too, Jean-Claude Juncker warned there would be "in any kind of new negotiations" with London in the referendum on membership of the United Kingdom to the EU.

The president of the EU executive noted that an agreement in which the 28 have made large concessions to London for restrictions on welfare to European migrants had been reached with British Prime Minister David Cameron in February. "It was the maximum he could get and we gave the maximum of what we could give, so there will be no renegotiation or the agreement we reached in February or in respect a treaty change, "stressed Jean-Claude Juncker.


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