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Title: Killing of Orlando still in shock, the city buries its dead
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Less than a week after the Sunday attack, the first burials began in the main cemetery, where a space is dedicated to the victims. Less...
Less than a week after the Sunday attack, the first burials began in the main cemetery, where a space is dedicated to the victims.

Less than a week after the Sunday attack, the first burials began in Orlando, but about half must be held in Puerto Rico, where many victims originate. The first burial took place Thursday in Kissimmee, Orlando suburb with strong Hispanic presence, and five more were expected Friday, including a main cemetery Orlando Greenwood Cemetary. There, a gigantic space had been mobilized, while the back of the cemetery, to bury, if necessary, the 49 victims together. The attack perpetrated in a gay club Omar Mateen, an American of Afghan origin who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, also 53 injured.
But to date, only four areas were selected, said Don Price, the manager of the place. The authorities should take advantage of the remaining space to install a memorial in tribute to the victims of June 12 Don Price had the idea to install a gigantic black panel on the background grid behind the future burial, to prevent motorists using the highway whizzing along the cemetery to attend the funeral from their car.

Banners rainbow sky
To brighten up the presentation, Don Price had asked rainbow sky banners, symbol of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) and an American flag. The other three funerals of victims in Greenwood to take place Saturday. According to several sources, about 20 victims will be buried in Puerto Rico, from which originate many of the families affected by the tragedy, especially that of Anthony Laureano Luis Disla, who, she chose to stay in Orlando.
At least four others will be in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Thursday night, before flying to Puerto Rico, the family of Rodolfo Ayala went one last time at the Phillips Memorial Center in Orlando, hours after the passage of Barack Obama and Joe Biden who had laid flowers. By the way, they made sure that a Puerto Rican flag appeared well among the disparate objects on the space of one hundred square meters.

Green and orange coffin
“Since we opened this center the past two days, 94 families and 256 people in total came to us for help,” said Mayor Buddy Dyer of Orlando. Just an example, more than 200 flights have been distributed to families to find their loved ones. “As with blood donation, which spontaneously brought thousands of people to the city's collection centers, Orlando rallied to the funeral, and burial societies and pastors offered to those who wanted to provide free funeral arrangements.
The florist Bloom Florist himself has provided the flowers for the funeral of 28 victims, and was able to respond to specific requests of several families. Some of them had any special requests, which could answer Bloom Florist and also the funeral Cardinal Casket Company. So Cory Connell, a young man of 21 years died on Sunday, was a fan of Miami football team of the university, whose colors are orange and dark green: Kelly Greenwood, co-owner of Cardinal Casket Company, managed to find a coffin with such unusual colors, green and orange.

A lack of psychological assessment Mateen
If Florida is one of the US states where cremation is common (62% in 2013, according to the American Association of cremation), Kelly Greenwood points out that, in his experience, people from the Hispanic community more often choose the funeral, when they have the means, because it is more expensive. For a company that delivers on average 30 coffins a day and a thousand in stocks, 24 additional commands do not change much. “It's a little more for business, but this is due to a tragedy,” lamented Kelly Greenwood. Local police and the FBI are stingy information about the investigation.
The security company G4S Security Solutions, why Mateen worked, had a psychological evaluation of his employee in 2007 but had not renewed the year despite two requests from the FBI in its investigation of this man in 2013 2014, reported NBC. According to CNN, citing unnamed sources, Omar Mateen had written the name of his wife, Noor Salman, on its insurance contracts and gave him access to their bank accounts.


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