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The dismissal of his campaign manager betrays the lack of preparation of the candidate, who struggles to refocus his campaign when the ...

The dismissal of his campaign manager betrays the lack of preparation of the candidate, who struggles to refocus his campaign when the real fun begins.

Polls are lowered, the polemics succeed, employees waltz: Republican Donald Trump barely move up a gear in its quest for the White House, less than a month of the Convention inaugural Cleveland. After weeks of rumors about internal dissent concerning the strategy against Democrat Hillary Clinton, the ax finally fell Monday. His controversial campaign director, Corey Lewandowski, was fired, although we do not know the terms of his departure. Donald Trump has long defended his collaborator, credited for the initial victories including primary in New Hampshire, the second state to have voted in February.
But Corey Lewandowski illustrated the limits of Trump Model. The populist billionaire defied all codes by campaigning with large rallies and operating the television medium, neglecting to cover the territory of local campaign and volunteers, and saving on the advertising budget. This iconoclastic way to campaign, centered on himself, Donald Trump limited ability to change dimension to mobilize all of the American electorate, not the 31 million Republican voters who participated in the primaries.
"This campaign team has deep problems," political scientist Larry Sabato said on CNN. "This campaign is under-funded, poorly organized. And there are many questions about the organization of the convention. "" The Clinton team was light years ahead of Trump team, "added the expert.

Clinton flew in polls

Proof of this is the launch last Thursday by Hillary Clinton, better funded by donations from supporters and major donors, a great TV ad campaign in eight US strategic States (North Carolina, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire , Ohio and Virginia). These advertisements will run for six weeks, until the agreements. In addition, pro-Clinton campaign volunteers will be busy all weekend for activities of door-to-door and recruiting militants, a strategic function to maximize participation in the election of November 8. This field work takes time to organize, but the Trump Organization, without experience, intends to delegate to officers of the Republican Party, which is not historically the role.
According to New York Magazine, the three adult children Trump (Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric) have demanded that their father dismisses Corey Lewandowski, not considered in for the rest of the campaign. The new strong man is called Paul Manafort, a Republican veteran who joined the team on March 29 to professionalize operations. At the end of May, after sealing the nomination of the Republican Party, Donald Trump had narrowed the gap in the polls with Hillary Clinton. But since then, the Democrat defeated his rival Bernie Sanders and found a solution to address the Republican billionaire. Today, almost six points ahead of him, according to the average of the latest polls, a very important advantage compared to previous elections. Building on its experience in national security affairs, former Secretary of State multiplies the indictments against the businessman without political experience, it considers impulsive and ignorant.


The Republican candidate did nothing to reassure his party, despite its many promises to adapt his rhetoric to the solemnity of the presidential office. Instead of strengthening his program, he personally attacked a federal judge in lawsuits against its former "university", accusing him of bias because of his Mexican origins. These diatribes shocked into his camp, boosting hopes the thin anti-Trump Republicans eager for a last minute change of candidate. The decision to Donald Trump to go to the inauguration of one of his golf in Scotland next Friday, has also raised questions about his ability to focus on his monumental political mission.

The inaugural convention in Cleveland, which runs from July 18 to 21, is expected to stage the unity of the Republican Party. But the party hardly dispel the smell of sulfur, as evidenced by the decision of the Apple company to withdraw from the list of sponsors of the Convention. "We have not started yet, you really begin after the convention," defended Donald Trump, told MSNBC on the ongoing unrest in the camp.


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