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Title: Victory of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary last
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Hillary Clinton was widely imposed Tuesday in Washington and met Bernie Sanders, who sets conditions for his formal rallying. The vi...
Hillary Clinton was widely imposed Tuesday in Washington and met Bernie Sanders, who sets conditions for his formal rallying.

The victory is symbolic: Hillary Clinton Tuesday won the last election the Democratic primaries in Washington. The same evening she met Bernie Sanders, who conditions his rallying. The Democratic candidate for the White House was declared the winner by CNN and NBC stations in the federal capital, where she obtained nearly 80% of the votes according to the results for one third of polling stations. She had already sealed the nomination last week by exceeding the number of delegates needed to be nominated at the Philadelphia Convention of July 25 to 28. Hillary Clinton won 34 of the 57 primary or "caucus" (voters assemblies).
But Bernie Sanders has not officially declared defeated and seems negotiate formal rally, which could result in the "liberation" of its delegates to the convention, in order to symbolically designate unanimously Hillary Clinton. At a press conference Tuesday in Washington, he claimed first reform the Democratic primary system. "It is time to launch a fundamental transformation of the Democratic Party," he said. Bernie Sanders wants to open primary to independent voters, not just Americans who enroll on the electoral register as Democrats, which is currently the case in many states. It also asks the party to support the registration on the electoral lists on election day.

Raise the minimum wage

Senator then called for the appointment of a new leadership of the Democratic Party to replace including the current president, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, challenged by his side because of his perceived bias in favor of Hillary Clinton. And he finally called for the removal super delegate status. The superdelegates are elected officials and Democratic Party who are entitled to vote at the nomination convention without being bound by the results of the primaries. Most support this year Hillary Clinton, that Bernie Sanders considers undemocratic.
"At the convention, we must approve the most progressive program ever adopted by the Democratic Party," he also stressed. Its demands include the prohibition of hydraulic fracturing or increase the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour (while Hillary Clinton evokes $ 12). When asked, he declined to say whether he would call his delegates to vote for Hillary Clinton at the Philadelphia convention.
The two rivals met Tuesday night in a Washington hotel for a meeting last week decided. Senator Vermont deliver a speech to his supporters via the Internet on Thursday night.


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