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Title: How crazy Pokemon Go Nintendo resurrected
Author: John Silva
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The augmented reality gaming Nintendo sweeping Mobile USA. And triggers a madness that will soon land in France ... This is madness, pu...
The augmented reality gaming Nintendo sweeping Mobile USA. And triggers a madness that will soon land in France ...

This is madness, pure madness. Twenty years after the appearance of the magical creatures of Nintendo, these Pokémon We All catch, train, and battle, that the landing on smartphones. Not in France, but soon. And within days of the game, Pokémon augmented reality, to collect in real life, released in Australia and New Zealand on July 6 and the USA the next day, upset everything in their path.

First the stock market: since the release (free) Pokemon Go, the share price Nintendo has exploded. As the inventor of Pikachu was worth $ 17.1 billion on the stock market Wednesday, July 6, its market capitalization had risen to ... 28 billion, five days later, on 11 July. More than two billion per day, that is surely the most profitable game in the history of video games, by far ... Something to think about, too, the price at which were redeemed from other mobile games such as Candy Crush ( $ 5.4 billion) and Clash of clans ($ 7.5 billion). At the same time, even with this new miracle comeback from Nintendo, the road to redemption is long: in 2007, when the Wii had just come out, the action Nintendo was worth 625 dollars, which then valued the company to nearly $ 80 billion ...

Game Boy to 3DS, Nintendo already knows our wonderful skulls: Japan has sold 14.7 million copies of her Pokémon X and Y, and 11.8 million versions of Ruby and Sapphire Omega Alpha. But whether for fans of the Game Boy or the new generation of players, Pokemon Go, created by Niantic, goes much further than just a mobile game: here, everything happens in augmented reality, in real life, a real city. A video game that does not stay stuck on the couch, but ask you to go out to catch a Pokémon that has just appeared in three blocks? We will have seen it all…

A treasure hunt 3.0

The combination of geolocation and a photo sensor for smartphones show the virtual creatures in the real world is particularly successful. The principle, everyone knows the last two decades more you catch Pokémon, the best trainer there is, especially by partnering with other location-based players around. Nintendo was thought moribund, distanced by the HD consoles from Sony and Microsoft, the online play on Xbox and PS4? Amateur Japanese Pikachu proves that we can play without a console, right on their smartphone and in the street by simply reinventing the treasure hunt, so Pokémon.
Within days of availability in the United States Pokemon Go has already won over 10 million players and is already installed on 5% of Android smartphones. Is already more than the application of Tinder meetings and almost as much as Twitter, according to statistics from SimilarWeb. On average, a Pokemon GB player spends 43 minutes a day searching to catch Pokémon, more time than that spent on WhatsApp or Instagram.

Sometimes reality catches up with fiction, and virtual reality: to catch Pokémon, some players are ready for everything and anything. Being in the street at three in the morning? Capturing an appearance in the middle of traffic? Niantic, the creator of the game, called the fans of Pokémon in any euphemism to "remain aware of their surroundings." Indeed, Pokémon, they are not very civilized: they can appear everywhere, really everywhere. In a church, a police station, a store, or even in someone, sparking a stampede incomprehensible to ordinary mortals!

And bizarre stories have been around the web in a few hours of this gang who specialized in the nocturnal assault Pokemon Go players, Missouri, the girl from Wyoming who, crossing a barrier to catch a Pokémon water in a river, fell on a corpse ...! Even more incredible: a man was playing Pokémon Go when her child, although real, was born! Not to mention those who gathered in a park at night, were taken to drug dealers by the police! his work can also lose by trying to catch Pokémon in his office. Only downside: geolocation mode and with the activated camera, Pokémon Go players have the interest to provide emergency charger ...


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